13 Luglio 2024

Environmental labeling

Environmental labeling Art. 219 Paragraph 5 Leg.Decree 152/06
Packaging type Description Abbreviation Code
Leather wrapping paper Paper PAP 21
White caps Plastic A2 LDPE 4
Paper for packing list Paper PAP 21
Stretch film white and transparent Plastic A2 LDPE 4
Sky blue leaf. Plastic A2 LDPE 4
Plastic adhesive tape Plastic C PP 5
Wooden shelves Wood FOR 50
Plastic platforms Polypropylene plastic A1.1 PP 5
Strap Thin tape + iron PP5 PET1
Boxes Cardboard PAP 21
Cardboard box Corrugated cardboard PAP 20
Cap x Cardboard box Cardboard PAP 20
Cardboard tubes Cardboard PAP 21

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