22 Ottobre 2021

Conceria Nuova Overlord

Tannery Nuova Overlord
Our company was founded in March 1972, so we can say that it was a pioneer in the leather district.

The founders really believed at the time that the leather market would have given them a future and have invested everything they had to realize that dream that today is Nuova Overlord S.p.a.

Aiming strongly in the creation of a product for the leather goods and footwear sector destined for the luxury market and not only, combining artisan know-how with sophisticated technology, paying the utmost attention to the choice of raw materials and personally following ...

The leather production process consists of a complex sequence of workings that is expressed to the maximum thanks to the experience and skill of the operators, combined with increasingly advanced systems.

The skins are natural products, which the tannery can transform to become shoes, bags, belts or anything else the creativity of the designer suggests.


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